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Academic Campus

Our Academic Campus serves K-12 students who enjoy extracurricular activities, STEAM courses, customized social skills instruction and Lindamood-Bell reading and math.

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Career Academy

Our Career Academy serves juniors, seniors and young adults from the Academic Campus and the Greater Richmond area and prepares them for competitive employment.

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Promoting educational excellence and career opportunities for students with disabilities

Northstar Academy is a private school that serves students who have a wide range of abilities including academic, physical or social challenges. Northstar students are from the Greater Richmond area and face different barriers, but with specialized instruction, students with all abilities thrive.

Our Story

Northstar Academy serves students with a wide range of abilities, including 12 of the 13 disabilities identified by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act)

Northstar Disability Infographic | autism (ASD), ADHD, learning disability, reading problems, dyslexia, reading, multisensory, speech/language impairment, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, IEP
Northstar Academy also serves: speech/language impairments, hearing impairments, traumatic brain injuries, visual impairments and orthopedic impairments
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Our Students

Northstar students work hard to accomplish ambitious goals, including Advanced Studies Diplomas, Standard Diplomas and Applied Studies Diplomas. Northstar students can vary widely in their abilities, but what Northstar students have in common, is that they support each other as they work through their unique challenges and celebrate successes. And their passion is contagious!

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Best practices in education

  • Small group instruction in reading using the Lindamood-Bell Learning Process™
  • Proprietary social skills curriculum with skills that are reinforced and measured each day
  • Courses such as coding, physics and calculus to challenge each student within their abilities and to be competitive in college or employment opportunities
Our Academics
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Graduate with options

At Northstar Career Academy, students:

  • Are provided with the professional experience that employers prefer when hiring candidates.
  • Network with local businesses that are passionate about inclusive hiring.
  • Learn the soft skills associated with employability, so graduates are equipped with job-seeking and job-keeping skills.
Career Academy
“We are absolutely thrilled with our son’s progress since he has joined the Northstar family. His confidence has increased and for the first time in his life, HE HAS FRIENDS.”
–A Northstar Parent

Who they are today and who they will be tomorrow

We are committed to ensuring students with disabilities have bright futures, whether it’s attending college, a technical school or entering the workforce. Our alumni have attended the following schools.