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Northstar Academy has the feel of a traditional school setting, with extracurriculars and changing classes. This is because our students want a school experience just like their peers. But inside the classroom, our educators utilize innovative, data-driven educational approaches.

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To ensure each student is challenged within their ability, Northstar Academy practices differentiated instruction and project-based learning:

  • In differentiated instruction, educators tailor their instruction to each student’s unique learning style, abilities and goals.
  • In project-based learning, students gain a deep understanding of course material by applying it to real-world scenarios.

We do this because students benefit from learning from each other’s strengths. When students of different abilities collaborate, natural leaders emerge and students stretch each other beyond their comfort zones.

Group of 3 images showing Northstar Academy Students and Teacher
“I was told my child wouldn’t learn to read or do math. We’d be lucky if he could count money. And he’s reading now and he’s doing multiplication. And my future for him isn’t as scary any more.”
— A Northstar Parent